Originalist Constitutional Interpretations!

I have reached the idea, where I am, truly, sick – and – tired, from the convenient, holier – than – thou, mindset, countless use, to justify their personal/ political agenda and positions, and/ or, self – interest. When the newest of our own Supreme Court Justices, is the term for herself, for an Originalist, when she articulates her reasoning and judicial/ legal philosophy, we probably should, all be, extremely concerned! We live and exist, inside an ever – evolving world, nation, and society, where many conditions, today, are far – different, when the Constitution was developed, nearly 250 years. Remember, at this point, there were still, legal slavery (which existed for approximately 100 years, afterwards), women didn’t have equal rights to men (All males are created equal – not, anyone), plus it was not before 20th Century, when women got the best, to vote! Guns, of their time, would have to be reloaded, via, a couple of steps, which took, near two minutes to complete, how could anyone, visualize, and/ or, perceive or conceive of, today’s weapons? When some wrap – themselves, inside the 2nd Amendment, claiming a total right to carry and own a gun, they conveniently neglect the fact, the correct to bear arms, predominantly, devoted to State’s Rights, especially to produce and have a State Militia, for protection against foreign invasion/ influence. With that in mind, the following paragraphs will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 fallacies, claimed and articulated, by these, supposed, Originalists.

1. Guns/ 2nd Amendment: How many more must die, because, we will not take, good sense, steps, to cope with, gun safety, and controls/ regulations? We license drivers, and register cars, but, so not need needed safety measures, in terms of gun ownership. The reality is, the next Amendment, it doesn’t matter how it is interpreted, won’t give anyone, the unlimited directly to own and rehearse any weapon/ gun. How is the Founding Fathers, have, ever, visualized today’s weapons, especially, automatic, and semi – automatic guns, and, alleged, Assault (military – grade) rifles? Shouldn’t wise practice, require, gun rights, conform, to overall, safety realities, and needed priorities?

2. Women’s Rights: The Constitution developed a mechanism, to make additional Amendments, etc, as – needed, and supposedly, the Supreme Court, fairly, and equally decided, legalities, and Constitutionality! In the mid – 20th Century, Roe v Wade, was decided, granting a lady, the correct – to – choose! It should have grown to be a stated law and right, following this many years, yet, those looking to change it, either due to a religious, and/ or, political perspective/ agenda, will also be claiming, they certainly so, by employing, this Originalist interpretation!

3. Constitutional guarantees: Doesn’t it seem, strange, a number of people are claiming, they may be protecting the intent, on the Founding Fathers (like, only they, truly, know, objective – processes, etc), after they selectively, demand enforcement of some aspects, while seemingly, seeking to eliminate others! Freedom of Religion granted individuals, the best, to rehearse, any religion, with their liking, and/ or, none, yet, today, we seem some, looking to make us, believe, we are now living in a Christian State, while, many Founders, were, agnostic, and/ or, atheists!

4. States Rights: The same people, who demand States Rights, if this serves their purposes, often refute these, when it truly is inconvenient!

Wake up, America, and demand, a Constitution, that is a living document, dependant on core, democratic principles, rights and freedoms! We must do it, sooner, in lieu of later, or risk losing, this nation’s identity!