American Priorities

In, nearly any circumstance, whether, relevant to a personal matter, any organization/ group, and/ or, regarding, public service issues, perhaps, absolutely nothing is, as risky/ dangerous, as procrastination, especially, when, well – considered, timely action is essential, and indicated! As difficult, mainly because it becomes, in every single circumstance, in terms of national policies, agenda, actions, etc, it really is even, more – so! Politicians, who seem, that will put their perceived, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, before greater good, often, use empty promises, rhetoric, etc, to stir, the fears and emotions/ prejudice, in their supporters, in lieu of serving, and representing, all! With, that in your mind, this article attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 American priorities, which should not, be delayed!

1. The threats and ramifications of Climate Change: We often witness, certain politicians, and elected officials, try and down – play, and deny, the possibility threats, from Climate Change! Nearly, all scientists and experts, for the reason that field, come to mind with the ramifications in this, with regards to the sustainability, and wellness, in this planet! When any politician, equates this threat, with economic circumstances/ benefits, it attracts his core supporters, but, not greater good! Unless, we start to address these dangers, proactively, we risk significant adjustments to climate, the amount of the seas, etc! The Earth do not want to procrastinate, but, its leaders must, strategically, as well as in a well – considered manner, take smart actions, to make sure sustainability, as well as a healthy planet, for our children and grandchildren!

2. Environmental protections: We must hand – over, to our children and grandchildren, a planet, with climate and water! Shouldn’t it be possible, our responsibility, to depart our planet, in better condition, than we found it? We cannot permit politicians, in order to avoid doing this, since it seems to be, an inconvenient truth!

3. Voting rights: How can we, continue, talking about, ourselves, as being a democracy, unless/ untl, we protect voting rights, for – all? We need a representative, way of government, where all citizens, are treated equally, especially, in terms of these access to, and right, to vote, freely! If we delay, we risk our sort of government, plus the Constitutional guarantees, rights, and freedoms, forever!

4. Equal rights/ protection: We must demand, truly, equal rights, for many! That means, protecting all rights, and freedoms, as an alternative to only, selective ones! It cannot be based on politics, political affiliations and beliefs, and/ or, any agenda, but, rather, apply equally, to, as well as for, all!

5. End the polarization: Denying, the continent, is a lot more polarized, than, in the past, in recent memory, doesn’t help it become, vanish entirely! Instead, we have to demand, coming back to greater civility, and seeking to create, a properly – considered, meeting – of – the – minds, for the more good!

Wake up, America, and demand, public and elected officials, address these pressing priorities, sooner, as an alternative to later, so we no longer, allow procrastination, in addressing what on earth is most pressing and urgent! Will you turn into a more responsible voter, and citizen?